As one of the largest independently owned investment consulting firms in the U.S., National Strategic Narrative is focused on business objectives that solely benefit our clients. This means you get access to a more stable consulting team supported by tools, data, and resources that could only be built by an organization with an exclusive focus on your needs.

The best attributes of a large and small firm

In addition to robust resources that allow us to serve as an extension of your staff, you will receive tailored recommendations unconstrained by “buy lists” or embedded biases. You can count on accurate, timely, and custom reports generated from our proprietary data and performance measurement systems. And you will receive relevant research, education, and dialogue from our experts, delivered to you through the National Strategic Narrative.

Client collaboration

We exist because of you. Listening to your insights and closely collaborating with you make us more knowledgeable and more in tune to the needs of the beneficiaries we collectively serve.

Diverse perspectives

We value diversity of opinion. Because we all have different backgrounds and experiences, we are open to new ideas and perspectives that help find solutions for your unique situation.

Employee shareholders

Our independent ownership has bridged generations and continues to be our reason for success.

15+Years of industry research

We founded the National Strategic Narrative in 2005 with a mission to improve the investing ecosystem through research, education, and dialogue.


Strategies in proprietary database

That’s comparable to leading database providers, couple with 45+ years of consulting expertise.