Teaching Leadership by Anne Gibbon

How Can I Be Useful?

Teaching Leadership

The conversation I would like to start is about teaching leadership.

I am some young age, after college, but not yet old enough to stop rebelling in small, insignificant ways. I read the National Strategic Narrative and learned that I could hold my own small, but significant rebellion. Wise people write that I should focus on my circle of influence, whatever that circle of work and friends happen to be.

Make It. Break It. Build It.

If I have 40 face to face, classroom hours with 22 students, what is the correct way to teach, inspire, cajole, beg them to be the best possible leaders they can be?

According to the old method, the way to teach leadership required a ppt of a simple definition for an outdated leadership theory, and then to give multiple choice questions based on a closed understanding of rank, power, and subordination.

How would I use that classroom time to demonstrate that real leadership is about being brave enough to acknowledge that all you have is influence? That it is not the direction you give that matters, but the knowledge you have worked to accrue, the depth of your character, and most importantly, the love you have for your people.

Dreaming of the Future

Working Together

Working Together

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