A New National Security Act – A Draft by Shawn Dyball


In 2012 I began a graduate degree program with a course on Homeland Security Policy and Administration, and read A National Strategic Narrative on the recommendation of a coworker.  The final assignment for the course was to write a new National Security Act (NSA) to replace the Act of 1947.  As a local agency representative working with the federal government at that time, my eyes were opened to the incredible layers of bureaucracy that exists as a result of trying to secure the U.S. from its enemies. I observed that previously added layers were rarely removed as additional layers in the form of new acts, strategies and oversight were piled on top of each other.  The course assignment was to write the new NSA as if I were queen for a day, and my first thought was to remove some of the old layers of oversight, add true representation from the state, local and tribal levels of government, and create an act based on national prosperity as a means to attain security.  This document is the result of an epiphany from reading A National Strategic Narrative, and while it is impossible to create a truly inclusive work when limited to just a few pages, I felt it was a good start.

Read Shawn Dyball’s full text here Security and Prosperity Act of 2012


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