“America was founded on the core values and principles enshrined in our Constitution and proven through war and peace. These values have served as both our anchor and our compass, at home and abroad, for more than two centuries. Our values define our national character, and they are our source of credibility and legitimacy in everything we do. Our values provide the bounds within which we pursue our enduring national interests. When these values are no longer sustainable, we have failed as a nation, because without our values, America has no credibility. As we continue to evolve, these values are reflected in a wider global application: tolerance for all cultures, races, and religions; global opportunity for self-fulfillment; human dignity and freedom from exploitation; justice with compassion and equality under internationally recognized rule of law; sovereignty without tyranny, with assured freedom of expression; and, an environment for entrepreneurial freedom and global prosperity, with access to markets, plentiful water and arable soil, clean and abundant energy, and adequate health services.”              A National Strategic Narrative

Roxana von Kraus, Agape Writing Workshop for Veterans, Boston College, October 23 – December 18, 2014 with a performance on December 4, 2014. AGAPE Workshop Oct-Dec2014 

Roxana von Kraus, Veterans take in a Mission of Writing, Boston College, December 25, 2012

Sea Islands 2050 building bridges toward comprehensive community  is a case study of the National Strategic Narrative, September 2012

“The principles of sustainability—security, prosperity, well-being, democracy—awaken us to consider why we educate.  If sustainability is the ultimate why, then Education for Sustainability is the ultimate how.” — Creative Change Educational Solutions, a national nonprofit organization making sustainability the focus of policy and practice in K20 education.

What is America’s Story for the 21st Century? John Milewski,  Huffington Post April 21, 2011

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